Why You Should Write Even if You’re Bad at It

Vasil Nedelchev
2 min readNov 10, 2023


Writing is only for those who are good at it or have something important to say.

But I believe more people who feel they are bad at writing should write. Here is why.

See I’ve always been bad at writing.

I have only one good grade on a school assignment and my mom still tells this story.

I am still bad at it.
Now I just use tools that help me make it bearable to read.
The difference now is that I actually like doing it compared to my school years. Because I discovered something that not enough people talk about.

Writing helps you think clearly.

I used to try to solve problems in my head, but I would always get stuck and forget important things.

Everything changed when I heard a guy say once…

“Your brain is great at coming up with ideas but not great at storing them.”

So I started writing things down.

I have 1741 notes in my Notes app.
Some are one word.
Some a sentence.
Or a list.

This helps me think.

When I try to solve something I write everything that can think of about it.

You should try this.

Especially if it’s one of those nights when your mind keeps looping the same things in your head. Make a list of everything from the loop. Then make a list with all possible outcomes. It works like a boring book. You just can’t handle it and you fail to sleep.

So if you think you are bad at writing consider it as a thinking tool.
Not like you are doing art that people gonna judge.
It’s for your eyes only.

And when it comes to publishing your writing…
Well, you should feel you are at least mediocre at it.
I totally violated this rule.

Writing is a powerful tool for thinking, even if you’re not a great writer. So next time you have a problem to solve, try writing it down. You might be surprised at what you come up with.



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