Why I run: Is Not What You Think

Vasil Nedelchev
2 min readNov 11, 2023


This year I have run 1,164.6 km, and counting.
It’s almost 10 years since I started running.

Some of my friends say they admire me for that.
Some think I’m nuts.

But all think I do it for looks.
To keep fit and healthy.

And that’s the full story.

Almost 10 years ago I got myself into a massive burnout from work.
I was doing my regular 9 to 5 job and freelancing on the nights and weekends. It was mostly fun juggling multiple projects and making extra cash. Until one point.

But this is too personal so I’m not going to go into details.

All and all took me a year and a half to feel normal again.
And one of the things I picked up while looking for a remedy for my burnout was running.

I had a poor sleep.
Some nights I could not fail a sleep until four in the morning.
So running was my solution to getting physically exhausted so I sleep better at night. And it worked.

I didn’t like it at first. I did it out of necessity.

I didn’t enjoy it.
I was getting so out of breath that sometimes when stopping at the traffic lights I was getting a nasty vertigo I thought to myself — I hope I don’t pass out here.

Something had to change.

Since it helps me with sleep I couldn’t stop doing it.
So the only other way was to get better at it.

I started watching running advice on YouTube.
In a few sessions, I improved my running posture and slowed my pace. And suddenly I was not out of breath anymore.
I could run for more than an hour.

I started listening to audiobooks on my runs. I could not wait for my running session so I could continue listening.

Nowadays running is something I do without thinking.

I run on the early morning of January 1st.
I run when is scorching hot outside.
I run when I’m visiting a new city.
I run when I don’t have my gear.
I run when it’s -10°C outside.
I run on rainy cold Sundays.
I run when I have to think.
I run when is dark outside.
I run when I don’t want to.
I run when I have a cold.
I run when I’m happy.
I run when I’m sad.
I run for fun.
I just run.



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