What is a Good UI/UX Design Niche?

Vasil Nedelchev
2 min readApr 23, 2022
mmmm, goood niche!

You want to niche down?!

But how do you spot a good niche?

I used to be puzzled by this question. Even if you pick something, how do you know that it is worth your time? Frankly, there are no guarantees. But there are a few things that you can look for when evaluating the potential of a niche.

Here they are:

#1 Reach

Is there a reliable way to reach the people in that niche?

Why? Because they need to know you exist. And the one way for that to happen is for you to show up at the place they hang out online.
So, do you know where they hang out? Preferred social media? What they read? What are the Slack or Discord channels they check in on on a daily basis? What blogs do they read? What YouTube channels do they watch? And so on.
I will stick to digital here — but you can apply the same for physical locations as well: coffee shops, events, co-working spaces. You get it.

You need a way to reach your niche.

#2 Money

Kinda obvious but …
Do they have money to spend on what you are offering?

Why? Well, because you are a business and you need clients with purchasing power. The more, the better.
I’ve made that mistake in the past. It is soul-crushing to praise your work and not buy it. Don’t make that mistake.

Pick a niche that has money to spend.

#3 Size

Aim to niche down as small as your courage allows you.

You need to be able to make your top 20 dream clients’ list. If you can come with 20, this might be a sign that the niche is too small. If you can name more than 20 without too much effort, you probably need to niche down further.
This is just an easy reference. Obviously, the niche should have at least 1000 or more potential clients from which you make your shortlist.

Go as small as you can.

#4 Growth

A good niche is a growing niche.

Look for something with an uptrend. You want to make sure this niche is not going to disappear in the next 10 to 20 years. A simple test could be to try typing some keywords of your niche in Google Trends and see where the graph is going. Generally, new tech always comes with UI and UX challenges. So, check what’s coming and become an expert.

Pick a growing niche.

This is it.

Next time, when you come up with a niche you might want to commit to, first research these 4 things.



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