The UX Process Is Outdated: What’s Next?

Vasil Nedelchev
2 min readNov 3, 2023

Follow the human-centred design process to design a great product.

This is what they teach you in UX bootcamps and design schools.
As designers, we get conditioned to reject personal opinions and frivolous product decisions. We like to human-centred gospel and believe the process. And this often leads to many frustrations:

• The process produces inconclusive results
• Management labels UX as a waste of time from
• Designers are not included in the strategy work
• And get told “just do this”

The current UX education over-emphasises process and craft.

That’s often because the people teaching have never run a business themselves. Or they’ve worked in the hype years of UX. Where “because UX” used to be a good enough explanation.

Let me clarify.
I don’t think UX teachers are bad people or something.
What I’m saying is they often lack practical business context.
I’ve noticed that the moment I start working as a solo designer. When my clients pay my fee it is usually much more than a regular design salary they expect results. They expect speed. And no one gives a crap about the process.

And here is where all UX evangelists jump out with the pitchforks and nail me to the ground.

And here is what will they say when twisting their weapon of choice:

Your clients don’t know better.
You are the one who has to educate them.
The quality of the process is your responsibility.

Ironically, this way you are doing exactly what you trying to teach your client or your team. To not give the customer something they don’t care about.

You as a designer provide a service and before you take care of the end user needs you need to take care of your team or client.
And tailor the process to their needs.

It’s time to abandon this old mindset that helped no one.
We need a new Post-UX Era mindset.

Where we become bilingual and start speaking Business as well.
Have a strong point of view even without research.
Learn to story-tell and sell out ideas.
Ship faster without hesitation.

And don’t forget that the market is the real validator of our work.
All the rest is playing dress-up.

The old mindset is gone for good.

These days to design a great product it’s no longer following the same old process blindly. You need a strong point of view, conviction and speed.



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