I did 30-day writing challenges as a UI/UX designer — Here is what happened

It’s day 30. I didn’t break the chain.

Here are the results.

Day #1

My only goal was to not break the chain and write for 30 days straight. For this to work I had to let go of the longer article format I’m used to. So I did short articles. I had to be fine with pushing writing I’m not entirely happy with.

I had an excuse — I’m doing a challenge.

Day #7

I wrote my most popular article from all 30.

Title: $1M/Year one-man design agency. 2k views on Medium with few comments and a bunch of “Save to list”.

Day #10

I got an invitation to submit one of my Web3 to a Medium design publication.

I did. They didn’t publish it for some reason. I guess it was too short and surface level.

Day #12

I got a writing gig offer.

It was based on two of my Web3 articles. They asked me to add some detail and images and that they would pay me $150 per article.

This was super flattering and I might take on their offer in the future.

Day #19

I got an invitation to submit my most popular article (from Day 7) to a Medium publication about startups. I didn’t. I don’t have a good reason. It was a flattering compliment anyway.

Day #30

My Medium following grow from 1.7 to 1.9 in the past 30 days. I get around 20–30 notifications per day. Mainly people saving some of these 30 articles. This for me is a signal that people find something valuable from it.

This will keep me going.


Here is what was the most useful for me to be able to do the full 30-days:

  • Having constraints — short articles.
  • Using the content idea generation framework of Ship-30.
  • Using templates for headlines, articles and openers.
  • Use Grammarly, HemingwayApp and Fluent Express in combo for grammar and proofreading. This is probably the biggest help as a borderline dyslexic non-native English speaker.

What’s next

Well, no commitments but hopefully more of this.

I might move all the articles to my own blog — people can sort by topic and find what they looking for more easily. I might go back and expand on some of the short articles people have expressed interest in.

If you have any questions or you want me to write about a topic, share them in the comments. I might write on that next.




Product Designer. Writing about creating a one-person design business. designsolo.co

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Vasil Nedelchev

Vasil Nedelchev

Product Designer. Writing about creating a one-person design business. designsolo.co

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