How to skip the sales conversation as an introverted freelance UI/UX designer

Yard sign “for sale”

…selling is seen in creative circles as something you need to deal with begrudgingly to get to the fun part.

  • Selling is done only by super sleazy people and I’m not one of them.
  • The value of my work is obvious only by looking at it.
  • Whenever I try to negotiate, the situation always turns on me and I end up doing a lot more work for a lot less money than expected.

Productize service!

UI/UX as a monthly subscription service

  • Ongoing UX/UI Design Projects
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime
  • Design updates every ≤ 48 hours (Business Days)

Done For You User Testing

  • Get all of the value of user research without any of the hassle. Actionable reports by experts based on usability testing you can easily implement or delegate.

UX Audit

  • Solve one problem of a website or an app
  • Answer our questions for 2 min
  • Wait 3 business days
  • You get a detailed report

Downsides of productize services:

  • You leave money on the table by not pricing individually
  • If it’s in the lower price range, you need a bigger volume of clients
  • You need a reliable marketing channel to drive leads.



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Vasil Nedelchev

Vasil Nedelchev


Product Designer. Writing about making a living as a freelance UI/UX designer