How to find your UI/UX niche with no experience

Scared baby face
  • You are getting conflicting information from different places
  • You have no idea what people are willing to pay for
  • And you feel the pressure to make a decision
  • What if I tell you there is a simple solution for everything but that you just need to know where to look.

Step 1: Review your digital history

  • YouTube history
  • Instagram accounts
  • TikTok follows
  • Pinterest board or follows
  • Amazon purchases
  • Audible purchases
  • Netflix series, movies and documentaries
  • Your bank statement history

Step 2: Spot the pattern

  • What are the sub-topics that this topic contains?
  • Or what is the bigger, overarching topic?

Step 3: Look for companies and products

Step 4: You found something!

If all else fails



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Vasil Nedelchev

Vasil Nedelchev


Product Designer. Writing about making a living as a freelance UI/UX designer