30-Day Writing Experiment Results

Vasil Nedelchev
2 min readNov 12, 2023


It’s day 30!

You can have a break from my nonsense tomorrow.
I almost quit for times during this 30-day writing experiment.
I’m glad I didn’t.

Here are the results:

Top 3 by LinkedIn impressions.
1️⃣ Day 19: AI-Accelerated Innovation: The Future is Closer Than You Think.
2️⃣ Day 6: The Future of Design Services — Maybe.
3️⃣ Day 5: Never Sell What You Do.

Top 3 fails by LinkedIn impressions.
1️⃣ Day 27: The Non-Fiction Book Inflation: Why We Should Buy Half-Empty Books.
2️⃣ Day 28: Why You Should Write Even if You’re Bad at It.
3️⃣ Day: 18: One Of Those Days.

Top 3 that I’m proud of.
1️⃣ Day 3: What AI Is Good For.
2️⃣ Day 29: Why I Run: Is Not What You Think.

The biggest surprise by LinkedIn impressions.
1️⃣ Day 4: Just start typing.

Other outcomes.
1️⃣ Cool people reached out to connect.
2️⃣ Reconnected with I haven’t talked in a white.

Lessons learned.
1️⃣ Writing an optimistic essay and tagging smaller companies can boost impressions.
2️⃣ Not all content needs to be work-related. A personal story with a moral can work as well. Just don’t overshare and make people uncomfortable.
3️⃣ Using a personal story as an analogy for a boring work-related concept can be a powerful combo.
4️⃣ 30-day experiments like this is a great excuse to do something that it’s not in your work title.
5️⃣ AI is politically correct and doesn’t have a character or point of view. Until that’s true, all creative people are safe.

Thank you to you who read the most days and left a comment or reaction!
Thank you, to my friend, for moving and assembling Ikea furniture with me during this whole thing!
And thank you to Bard AI for being my proofreader and creative co-pilot.



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